We believe one way to our guests’ hearts is through their bellies. Which is why we feed them…well. Fresh baked goodness, savory treats, farm-fresh fruits, and more. Plus, a special relationship with one of San Francisco’s best restaurants. Just our way of saying welcome.

Good Morning and Good Night

Mornings start with breakfast pastries and fresh fruit. Fuel up on coffee from local Bay Area-based brand Equator and Numi teas, available in your room throughout the day. Start your night and make new friends during our evening wine hour, where pours from local wineries and nibbles set the scene. And come the next day, it all begins again.

The World's Best Neighbors

Del Popolo’s famed food truck has had locals lining up for Neapolitan-style pizzas topped with farm-fresh ingredients for several years now. And located just next door, its first brick-and-mortar is proving to be just as popular. Our partnership gives exclusive access to the award-winning neighborhood spot that’s already topped a number of best-of lists. Join locals for naturally-leavened pizzas with creative toppings, plus wood-fired veggies, natural wines, and more.